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Singapore - Worldwide (Singapore)
Know Your Ticket - A Free and Simple and Useful Guide to Y..
This site offers consumer information on air tickets. Consumers will learn to identify what kind of tickets they hold and whether they meet their travel needs. Avoid paying for an expensive ticket when you could have bought something cheaper. Understand how important it is to select the right airliner and benefit from the Frequent Flyer Program. Print a copy of the checklist to ensure that your air travel will be a good experience. All these and more in Know Your Ticket.
Norway - Rogaland
On the west coast of Norway, in the heart of Haugesund City you will find "Byparken Apartment", close to the sea and with a short distance to most of the attractions Haugesund has to offer.Live affordable and comfortable in shorter or longer periods of time in a high-end furnished apartment that includes all of your needs.Jazzfestival (SildaJazz), The International Amanda Film Festival and Rockfest are just some examples of what's going on in Haugesund during the summer, in addition to....
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Spain - Baleares (Balearic Islands)
Puerto Pollensa
My advice is to take public bus into the Palma city - you will then need tochange at the bus station for a coach up to Puerto Pollensa. It is cheaper than taking one of the airline buses and much cheaper than takinga taxi which some people do.
Lithuania - Kauno
car hire
fortuna rent a car hire, will keep your deposit, use your bank details to take your money from your account any time, lie to your bank that you never paid a deposit or the car rental fees, but invite you to hire with them again!
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New Zealand - North Island
share ride to travel around nz
in addition to taking bus, plane, there is another way traveling around new zealand, that is finding someone to share ride. petrol prices are going up sharply recently, if you buy a car, you'll find petrol costs too much. in my case, i am a driver, and i found that finding passengers to share ride has not only brought my petrol cost down, but also has given me chances to known some good travel friends. how to find sharerider? you can post a rideshare message on boards at every bac....
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United Kingdom - England - Yorkshire
Lovely Little Country House Hotel Scarborough
Beautiful Scarborough hotel with it's own private grounds, much nicer thanstaying in the town centre! Long winding drive through mature trees, arriving athotels front door. Wood paneled walls, cosy rooms and amazing views. Perfect forrelaxing and recuperating! Sadly has no pool, but the grounds and views make upfor it!
Canada - British Columbia
Cherry Blossom Inn
Bed & breakfast with ****** service level. Beautful rooms, heated pool and hand made breakfast, individually served. The lady of the house is very helpful with travel tips, bus schedules and accodomated us in a charming warm and friendly way. Don't miss it if you ever go to Vancouver.
Thailand - Chon Buri
Jomtien beach
Jomtien Beach one of beaches destination in Pattaya, Thailand There is more thana million tourists visit the beach each year to share the hot weather, hot foodand hot girls. Jomtien Beach is located in south east of Bangkok and can bereached by normal highway, taking 1 hour and 45 minutes to 2 hours andapproximately 20 minutes from south Pattaya. Jomtien has become more popular forswimming, water sports and activities due to its long straight cost line andwhite sand.Along the straight beach road....
Iceland - Hofudhborgarsvaedhi
Reykjavik Iceland
I was a little sceptical at first, but thought that with all that was promised, I probably wouldn't be losing that much money. The eBook which is called The native guide to traveling in Iceland only costs $12 so I went ahead and bought it.I'm extremely glad I did, as there are a ton of great advice and money saving tips there. I didn't go outside of Reykjavik, but there were lots of ideas of places to visit that aren't part of the usual touristy places.I at least can say that this was a great in....
United States of America - Minnesota
Mall of America
If you are coming to Minneapolis and want to see the Mall of America, remember that weekends are crazy there! If you want a less crowded experience visit mid week. Also there is a light rail that travels from downtown Minneapolis to Bloomington (where the Mall is located). And there is a station at the Airport that you can get a train to Downton or the Mall.
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