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Vietnam - HoChiMinh city
Living & Giving furniture shop
My name Tracy, I've been in HoChiMinh city last 10 October. It was a nice trip for me. My friend took me to a furniture shop. It is Living & Giving shop. I found here so many things which I love so much. In this shop, you can oder to make things which are taillor with what you like about the paint, the fabric and the design.... Staffs here are very friendly, they always have smiles on their faces. They brought to me happy time when i do shopping. Another intersting at this shop is they can d....
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Vietnam - Vietnam
Vietnam off the beaten paths destinations
To those who wish to see real Vietnam spirit, it is better to skip big citiesand commercial places. After times adventuring the country, I make my beloved destinations for yourideas of travel:- Cao Son : located in Lao Cai province. The old image of Sapa 10 years ago:colorful culture, great landscape, endless local hospitality- Ha Giang: unspoilt and beautiful- Pu Luong: green and peaceful- Thac Ba lake: truly place to go green- Ho Chi Minh trails: the spirit of highland
Vietnam - Hanoi
Hanoi in Vietnam
The Reunification Palace was once home to the former president. The War RemanantMuseum allows tourists to see the tragedies of wartime including old militaryhelicopters and tanks. And a perfect getaway while on holiday in Vietnam can bea relaxing trip to the exotic beaches of Vung Tau.
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Vietnam - Danangkids
Danangkids ! Free Volunteer Tour Guide
We are Danangkids - a volunteer tour guide club of young, friendly and ambitious students who love Danang and want to bring local breath to tourists from all over the world. We want to help international tourist to understand the places of interest as well as the culture and food specialities of the Da Nang City.Have you ever visited Vietnam? How many times have you visited? How much did you learned about our Vietnamese culture and people? Did you meet many difficulties in traveling as well as c....
Vietnam - Vietnam
How to get visa to Vietnam
Most visitors to Vietnam need a visa to enter the country. Visas are exempted for the citizens of the countries, which have signed a bilateral visa exemption agreement with Vietnam ; tourist visa may be valid for 15 to 30 days. Tourist visa can only be obtained in Vietnamese embassies, consulates abroad. Otherwise, you can get a visa at the border gates if you are invitees of some Vietnamese competent organs or you are traveling on a package tour organized by Vietnamese travel companies. To appl....
Vietnam - Vietnam
Vietnam Climate
The climate in Vietnam differs greatly from North to South due to geographicaldiversity.In the North, the rainy season is from August until November. Typhoons aresometimes a problem, but quite rare. The North can be quite chilly from Decemberto February.In Central Vietnam the Rainy season is from October until December. Heavy rainand flooding can interrupt travel and Hue, Danang and Nhatrang may have to bemissed if traveling overland.The climate in the Mekong Delta is sub-equatorial with two mai....
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Vietnam - Vietnam
Vietnam Travel Tips - Vietnam Travel - Vietnam Hotels
As you are planning your trip or vacation there are many things that you aregoing to need to plan for and take care of before your trip starts. You willdefinitely want to have purchased some type of travel health insurance so thatyou are covered on your trip in the event of a medical emergency. Travel medicalinsurance is what is going to protect you if you are taken ill from a virus orfrom something that you eat. If you have an accident and are injured your travelhealth insurance will pay to hav....
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Vietnam - Hoi An, Vietnam
Tailors - Nguyet Thu - Do not go there!
I had the most negative experience at Nguyet Thu. After searching the web for recommendations for tailors in Hoi An, I decided to try to have some of my clothes made at this shop. Clearly some of the positive recommendations on the web have gone to the head of the owners of this store. The head sales girl/manager was extremely rude and unprofessional during the course of my dealings with her- yet took great pride that I had discovered her shop on the web. Unfortunately since I gave a deposit....
Vietnam - Vietnam Coast
Nha Trang
Nice beach where not much tourist known yet... not corwded with superb nice beach pub and cheap fresh seafoods. imagine 2 baby lobsters, mussels, bbq squids and crabs for just USD 40???? Beautiful ambient !!!
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Vietnam - Hoi An, Central of Viet Nam
Nguyet Thu - Couture Clothes
You can have suits, dresses, shirts, skirts made there with a a very good quality and nice styles. Very quick to have your own clothes done and everything is done there to meet your satisfaction.
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