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Thailand - Krung Thep Mahanakhon (Bangk..
Standing on the shoulder of "Tosakan" Giant.
The very unique Thai Surrealistic Design hotel in Bangkok, it was very fantastic!All of designs and materials inspired from the great epic in South East Asia;Ramayana.The fancy story about love and war between King Rama and Tosakan, a 10-facedgiant who fought for the most beautiful woman called Sita.
United States of America - New York
NY Smartsave
Get discounts off admission for up to 6 people into attractions like Madame Tussauds, Ripley's believe it or not!, Top of the Rock and more! Simply print the voucher and save up to 20% for up to 6 people - No registration or pre-pay required.
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Morocco - All
Over Morocco
We returned from our holiday last Wednesday and I just wanted to say a big thank for organising our tours in morocco last week and to put this tour for the travelers helping.I must say we were very impressed with morocco overall. and will definitely be coming back. When we do, we will not hesitate in using moroccanlegend wonderful service again.I would also like to say what a great guide Moha was for us last week. I filled in the feed back form but I would like to reiterate that he was excellent....
Kenya - Rift Valley
Wildebeest Migration In Masai Mara, Kenya
The endless plains of east Africa are the setting for the world’s greatestwildlife spectacle - the 1.5 million animal ungulate (wildebeest) migration.From the vast Serengeti plains to the champagne colored hills of Kenya’s MasaiMara over 1.4 million wildebeest and 200,000 zebra and gazelle, relentlesslytracked by Africa’s great predators, migrate in a clockwise fashion over 1,800miles each year in search of rain ripened grass.There is no real beginning or end to a wildebeest's journey. Its....
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Spain - Andalucia
Malaga has plenty locations which worth the visit, like Mijas , Puerto Banus orthe famous Torremolinos, very known location in the years 60 in all Europe. Cometo visit Malaga, you will not regret. I recommend taking the visit in the summermonths, that is from July to September.
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Colombia - Cordoba
Mud volcano
Its free to get in, take your swimming stuff & get in the huge warm mud pool,wallow around a little...its weird, you can't swim in it but you don't sink, youjust kind of float there.....the beach is 2 minutes away to wash off all the mudafter the photos..there are little lunch places there that sell beers too....
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India - Himachal Pradesh
homestay in shimla
There is a good home stay hotel near Shimla called Sunrise Villa. It is located on a ridge at Shoghi about 14 kms before shimla in a very calm area away from the city crowd with plenty of forest area and hills for outdoor activities like trekking bird watching etc.. Very nice people and service and economical too. I liked this place very much.
Morocco - falls entirely within Wester..
as everyone knows out into the dunes is the thing
My first trip back into the desert with my best friend instead of 'my man' - which was rather momentous but very special - after all the visits gradually from tourist to almost 'local' i was going out on an overnight camel trip for the first time!I had done the sunris by camel as a tourist and i have had excellent camps overnight in the desert but this was excellent - it was dark when we set off on our camels so we were totally under the stars then the moon came up half way through the trip!!i w....
United Kingdom - England - Worcestershire
king charles 2nd retaurant worcester
known for its porcelain and other fine china
Italy - Toscana
Trust & Travel
Trust&Travel offers authentic vacations in beautifully restored farmhouses andvillas on historical estates in Italy. The company is in charge of two Venetianand fifteen Tuscan estates of the highest quality and historical pedigree in Italy.The vision of Trust & Travel is to be the link between the past and presentwhere customers are able to live a cultural holidays experience.This not only helps the property owners enhance and capitalize on their uniquehistorical patrimony, but also cont....
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