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Country: Italy
Region: Toscana
Date: 14th November 2008
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Location: Authentic vacations in Veneto, Tuscany and Sardinia

Trust&Travel offers authentic vacations in beautifully restored farmhouses and
villas on historical estates in Italy. The company is in charge of two Venetian
and fifteen Tuscan estates of the highest quality and historical pedigree in Italy.
The vision of Trust & Travel is to be the link between the past and present
where customers are able to live a cultural holidays experience.
This not only helps the property owners enhance and capitalize on their unique
historical patrimony, but also contributes to the development of their region
and Italy\'s heritage.
Contact the company for holidays in country estates which have kept their
traditional charm, while responding to modern needs for space, comfort and
elegance, for harmonious unforgettable vacations.

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