Jomtien beach
Posted by Andrew Bronson - andrew2432[at]hotmail dot com
Country: Thailand
Region: Chon Buri
Cost: £20.50 per adult for the tour
Date: 31st July 2008
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Location: Jomtien beach

Jomtien Beach one of beaches destination in Pattaya, Thailand There is more than
a million tourists visit the beach each year to share the hot weather, hot food
and hot girls. Jomtien Beach is located in south east of Bangkok and can be
reached by normal highway, taking 1 hour and 45 minutes to 2 hours and
approximately 20 minutes from south Pattaya. Jomtien has become more popular for
swimming, water sports and activities due to its long straight cost line and
white sand.

Along the straight beach road there are so many souvenir shops, restaurants and
food stalls. Plenty of good sea food restaurants are also available especially
at almost the far end of the beach road. From giant prawns to spicy som tam
salad, there is every imaginable cuisine here. Cajun, Chinese, Indian, French,
Vietnamese, German and Russian restaurants vie for your baht along the street.
Enjoy shopping, restaurants and bars, it is also close to Pattaya for more
shopping, restaurants and entertainment. There are many tours and excursions
from Jomtien beach to enjoy including boat trips to offshore islands such as Koh
Larn and other tours. Jomtien Beach hotels offer very good value for an
interesting and exciting beach vacation close to Bangkok. Jomtien beach is also
famous for Windsurfing.

Transportation in Jomtien area is varied. The most popular form is baht bus or
songtaews (which means two rows). Baht bus is running all the time just like
mini bus or taxi. The price for pick up cars is quite cheap compare with other
kinds of transportation. Getting a taxi in Jomtien beach is such a piece of pie.
However, make sure you bargain before you decide to take a ride or you will be
surprise how they charge you.

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