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Zambia - South Luangwa
Flat Dogs Camp
Many game lodges in Africa are very expensive. Flat Dogs Camp on the banks of the Luangwa River is much cheaper than most and also a really nice place to stay. "Flat Dog" is local slang for crocodile - there are plenty in the river but none in the camp. While we stayed there we had Elephants, Buffalo, Baboons and hippos in the camp. You can also take day or night game drives. Most people get to see leopards at night although we didn't. The food is great and everyone is friend....
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Vietnam - Hoi An, Central of Viet Nam
Nguyet Thu - Couture Clothes
You can have suits, dresses, shirts, skirts made there with a a very good quality and nice styles. Very quick to have your own clothes done and everything is done there to meet your satisfaction.
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Vietnam - Hoi An
Nguyet Thu Tailoring in Hoi An
One of the attractions in Hoi An that not everyboby knows is the tailoring overthere. You can have the really nice suits, dresses, shirts...made there very quickly for your own style and size with a good quality. The price is quite cheap in compare with any other place in Vietnam and in the Asia area.
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Thailand - Hua Hin, Thailand
Khao Takiab Bay in Hua Hin
This is a quiet beach and bay close to the town of Hua Hin which is on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand not far from bangkok. You can laze on the beach, visit the many temples, elephant rides and horse riding, beach and water sports.
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Croatia - Dubrovnik
Dubruvnik is an awesome medival town, surronded by the original city wall. The harbor is beautiful, walk around the wall, restaurants are great, and cute little shops. It gets very hot in the summer, but it is a unique place to visit.
New Zealand - All
About driving
I guess you already know about the fact they drive left in NZ. But one thing worth mentioning is one of their 'give way' rules, which is quite unique for NZ apparently (they don't do it in Australia, nor Hong Kong, Singapore. Don't know about UK.) In simple terms, it is the following: " At intersections, give way 'yield' to all traffic crossing or approaching from the right." If you want to turn left, but the car from the other direction also wants to turn to his right (the same road y....
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New Zealand - All
Mobile phone
If you have a GSM mobile phone, you can use it in NZ too. For local calls (like confirming your excursion bookings, etc...), you could buy a prepay connection pack from Telecom NZ or Vodaphone. A Vodaphone starter pack (with your own number) is NZ$ 35, pre-loaded with (a miserable) $5. You can add a $20 pre-pay recharge to get around. You could use roaming with your current home account, but that would be ridiculously expensive (I guess).
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New Zealand - All
The most important rule about walking in New Zealand is please leave the gates as you find them, i.e. close them as soon as you’ve walked through them, or leave them open if the landowner has left them that way.
New Zealand - All
You might have booked a scenic flight, boat trip,… which are weather dependent. The weather is very unpredictable! Try to have a bad weather replacement activity in case the trip gets cancelled. And try to have at least 2 days at those locations, so you might be able to do the trip the next day… We had 4 out of 7 excursions cancelled because of the weather.
New Zealand - South Island
camper vans
Really good quality and very inexpensive camper vans for trips to the South Island. Younger campers especially will appreciate it...the vans are older but sturdy, full of all the necessities (really, EVERYTHING) and the extras are out of this world (MOUNTAIN BIKES!!) It's just one local guy with 6 vans, so phone ahead for reservations. He's very helpful, will pick up and drop off at the airport. Reasonable rates, scaled by season, just as good as the big commercial companies. Better, ....
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