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Saint Emilion
Great wee place to wonder about and have a lovely lunch and try all the greatwines. Not all that cheap if you are not travelling on the Euro, but well wortha visit all the same, we just spent the day walking about and did even manage tobuy a few bottles to take home with us.
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France - Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur
Pont du Gard
The Pont du Gard is an aqueduct in the south of France constructed by the RomanEmpire. You are able to swim in the river which is very deep and has large carplike fish swimming about.
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France - Basse-Normandie
Mont Saint Michel
Mont Saint Michel is a rocky, cone-shaped islet in northwestern France in theGulf of Saint-Malo. It is connected by a causeway to the mainland. The entireislet is crowned by the abbey church that dates back to the early eighthcentury. There are shops and cafes along the streets as you walk up the hill.Most selling souvenirs etc.Unless you are traveling in off season you will be part of a steady stream oftraffic arriving daily. The causeway leads out to the Mont and parking lotsbelow on either ....
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France - Cologne
Party with locals in Germany
The best cities to visit in Germany are Berlin (history!! loads of history) and Munich (chic and really nice). However, if you want to party with locals you should think about going to Cologne. People there are extremely friendly and open and the city has great bars.
France - Bordeaux
Nice town, there are many distallarys here and you can pick which tour suits you, they all seem to have tours in various languages. There is plenty of cafes and a nice river to walk along and just a quaint town to visit.
France - Paris
Montmartre is very famous by Moulin Rouge. Here you can visit : - Moulin Rouge : this is the old bar which is very famous for Franch Cancan. - la Basilique de Sacre-coeur : when the French faced at the danger at the beginning of 20th centry, they built this magnifique cathedral to free from all the dangers. Here is the cathedral when Amelie give the album to Nino in the movie Amelie. you can go up by Funeculaire(you can also use the metro ticket) - The museum of Gustave Moreau : If you div....
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France - Toulouse/Bordeaux area
Cahors is a small town with a beautiful fountain and historic bridge and walks. A good local night life. The villages nearby, such as castlenau-montratier, host a lot of carnivals and parties most of the year through. Pleanty of markets with fresh produce of the area, including plenty of wine tasting and fois gras tastings! On the river, Cahors can act as a base point to go and see le lots river in all directions, including a town called Gourdon.
France - Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur
Nimes / Avignon
We went through the south of france and our favourites places were Nimes and Avignon. Nimes is definitely worth a visit with its beautiful statued garden (complete with roman ruins) leading up through winding paths to a tower where the whole area can be viewed for next to nothing as well as a lovely old arena similar to the one in verona. Beautiful place to even just get off train and check out for hour or two. Avignon is also lovely and the Palace of the Popes is spectacular (tour is ok b....
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France - Loire
Vallee de la LOIRE a collection of old castles
From Orleans you can visit the beautiful Loire river where all kings of France created their castle. Big one as Chambord and a lot of more are very concentrated in this area. You can also find nice little village with little boulangerie and lot of other old french stuff. I am living in orleans do not hesitate to write to me for more help about this nice region where you can find the best old maded bred and the sweet french cheese and pretty good saucisson. South of orleans you can also fin....
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France - Paris
Eiffel Tower
Amazing views of Paris from the top level. Anyone begging or trying to sell you anything at the bottom of the tower is probably an illegal immigrant, just be prepared for a little hassling from these people - but they run away when the cops come. Also there is long lines to get up the tower in summer.
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