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Posted by Halans
Country: New Zealand
Region: All
Date: 10th April 2005
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If you have a GSM mobile phone, you can use it in NZ too. For local calls (like confirming your excursion bookings, etc...), you could buy a prepay connection pack from Telecom NZ or Vodaphone. A Vodaphone starter pack (with your own number) is NZ$ 35, pre-loaded with (a miserable) $5. You can add a $20 pre-pay recharge to get around. You could use roaming with your current home account, but that would be ridiculously expensive (I guess).

Posted by: rachna jhalani - rulz_tanvi[at]yahoo dot com
Date: Tuesday, 23rd May 2006 04:16 AM
I want to know the best possible pack for my hutch prepaid connection.please suggest how to go about.We are starting on 29may for NZ
Posted by: Nigel Ross - nigel_ross1968[at]yahoo dot co dot nz
Date: Thursday, 28th September 2006 07:34 AM
I purchased a v6001 G3 phone from a sales attendant, on the proviso that if I take it to Japan will it work, she specifically said it will be cheaper than roaming when you get to Japan, you purcahase a Japanese Sim Card...Well I`ve been to two Vodaphone shops here in Japan....they both couldn`t help me...So the only thing I can do is send this phone back to NZ & get one of my relatives to get it onto mobile roaming, then they send it back to me...otherwise should I ask for my money back, & just use my old phone & send just my sim card back?
Posted by: AlexMrly - independent[at]ukgcity dot net
Date: Saturday, 07th April 2007 12:40 PM
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Posted by: incuffIncob - makadokko[at]ua-news dot net
Date: Tuesday, 22nd May 2007 05:32 PM
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Posted by: FliewlyDefe - ebanashka[at]sevastopol dot in
Date: Wednesday, 13th June 2007 09:36 PM
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