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Always carry a plastic drinking bottle when you are walking around the theme parks. In all theme parks there are drinking water fountains outside the toilets where you can refill your bottles with cold, fresh water. Handy for when you are in those long queues and saves money on purchasing drinks in the park - saves money for all that shopping!
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United States of America - Florida
Vacation home vs. Hotel
Rental homes can be a great alternative to a hotel, especially if you have a large family or group of 5 or more people. The standard hotel in Orlando runs around $86 per night. If you have 5 or more people you will probably need at least 2 rooms so you are talking around $170 per night. You can get a 3 bedroom rental home for around $86 per night or about half of what you would spend at a hotel. Most rental homes in Orlando have private swimming pools and many of them have hot tubs as....
United States of America - Florida
Save Money on Theme Parks
If you wait until you get to Orlando you will be paying too much for your tickets. You can save hundreds of dollars by purchasing your tickets ahead of time. There are dozens of ticket sellers online and all of them offer great discounts.
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