Save Money on Theme Parks
Posted by DrCool - jsousa73[at]yahoo dot com
Country: United States of America
Region: Florida
Cost: Varies
Date: 15th November 2002
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Location: Orlando, Florida

If you wait until you get to Orlando you will be paying too much for your tickets. You can save hundreds of dollars by purchasing your tickets ahead of time. There are dozens of ticket sellers online and all of them offer great discounts.

Posted by: Donna
Date: Tuesday, 27th July 2004 02:38 PM
Check out the best prices on the internet and dont go with the company that the travel agent reccomends (remember, the travel agent is on commission and will not find you the cheapest deal). Beware though there are some dodgy looking companies on the net. Always use one that is a member of ABTA and if anything does go wrong, you will get your money back!
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