Orlando - Theme Parks
Posted by Donna
Country: United States of America
Region: Florida
Cost: Free
Date: 27th July 2004
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Location: Keeping Hydrated in the Theme Parks.

Always carry a plastic drinking bottle when you are walking around the theme parks. In all theme parks there are drinking water fountains outside the toilets where you can refill your bottles with cold, fresh water. Handy for when you are in those long queues and saves money on purchasing drinks in the park - saves money for all that shopping!

Posted by: geof mawby - geofmawby[at]hotmail dot co dot uk
Date: Tuesday, 08th May 2007 10:11 PM
although now in our 70\'s we still feel the theme parks are great value for money.everyone you meet is happy,the staff are polite and helpful, we are now returning for the 4th time on Thursday, can\'t wait
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