Reykjavik Iceland
Posted by Jason Hamleton - jham79[at]yahoo dot com
Country: Iceland
Region: Hofudhborgarsvaedhi
Cost: $12
Date: 30th July 2008
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Location: I found great money saving tips on this website.

I was a little sceptical at first, but thought that with all that was promised, I probably wouldn't be losing that much money. The eBook which is called The native guide to traveling in Iceland only costs $12 so I went ahead and bought it.
I'm extremely glad I did, as there are a ton of great advice and money saving tips there. I didn't go outside of Reykjavik, but there were lots of ideas of places to visit that aren't part of the usual touristy places.
I at least can say that this was a great investement well worth the $12! (the tip about lowering my phone bills was worth at least $50!!

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