plitvice lakes
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Country: Croatia
Region: All
Cost: 130 koona ~around 22 USD
Date: 09th July 2006
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Location: Take a bus to get there...its pretty well known so there should be busses from all over. I took one from Zagreb.

The most beautiful lakes you will ever see. There are a series of lakes that all pour into the nest one creating magnificent waterfalls. In some parts you can do a full 180 and see waterfalls! They have built wooden planks so you can get closer and actuall "walk on water" The color of the lakes resembles Hawaiian water. A must see if you are in croatia!

Croatia - All - plitvice lakes -
Anonymous Post
Date: 10th July 2006

Croatia - All - plitvice lakes -
Posted by: vieanna - woowooniggawat[at]yahoo dot com
Date: Tuesday, 16th January 2007 02:41 PM
i wanna visit
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