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Restaurant Le Mandrac
Here we came upon Le Mandrac, a restaurant serving fresh seafood as well as avariety of other dishes. With a fine selection of local and imported wines thisplace really stood out [we went back a few days later] Also the view isbreathtaking.
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plitvice lakes
The most beautiful lakes you will ever see. There are a series of lakes that all pour into the nest one creating magnificent waterfalls. In some parts you can do a full 180 and see waterfalls! They have built wooden planks so you can get closer and actuall "walk on water" The color of the lakes resembles Hawaiian water. A must see if you are in croatia!
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Croatia - Dubrovnik
Dubruvnik is an awesome medival town, surronded by the original city wall. The harbor is beautiful, walk around the wall, restaurants are great, and cute little shops. It gets very hot in the summer, but it is a unique place to visit.
Croatia - Dubrovnik, Croatia
Dubrovnik bed and breakfast
Quality accommodation on a great location in Dubrovnik, Croatia.
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