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Paros Island
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Country: Greece
Region: Cyclades
Date: 24th November 2002
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Location: The easiest island to get to with many ferries and an airport.

Paros is the island with a good portion of activities, shops, and scenery and plentiful supply of fantastic beaches.

Posted by: Mike - mike dot mason[at]ukonline dot co dot uk
Date: Saturday, 23rd November 2002 07:23 PM
Paros is also a good centre for island hopping around the Cyclades with lots of ferries daily
Posted by: Nicole
Date: Sunday, 24th November 2002 06:16 PM
Paros is a fantastic base for exploring the cyclades. Big enough to get lost and yet small enough to feel at home!!! Also make a trip out to Antiparos - very short ferry ride away. The same beautiful beaches as Paros, but emptier, and the stagmalite caves are quite good too!
Posted by: Michael - paroshep[at]otenet dot gr
Date: Friday, 04th June 2004 08:16 PM
I am having trouble updating the web site listed above. For current info on Paros see Enjoy.
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