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Greece - Rhodes
Rhodes (old town)
Always make sure the price of drinks are on display before you order, or you could get a nasty shock when the bill arrives!
Greece - Greece
Always pack several sizes of sink plug. They never seem to have any in Greece
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Greece - Paros + Antiparos
Outdoor Cinema
There is nothing better after a hard day on the beach, than relaxing in the warm summer air, watching a good film - and the outdoor cinemas are fantastic. They usually show a good variety of films, everything from classics, to arthouse, to recent hollywood blockbusters - all with greek subtitles.
Greece - Epirus
Parga, Metsovo, Ioanina, Dodoni
A travel report about the Greek region Epirus, north-west Greece.
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Greece - Cyclades
Paros Island
Paros is the island with a good portion of activities, shops, and scenery and plentiful supply of fantastic beaches.
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