Eiffel Tower
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Country: France
Region: Paris
Cost: 9.00 euro to get to the top level
Date: 15th January 2003
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Location: You can either walk to the tower from just about anywhere in the main city of Paris or you can take the Metro to Champs de Mars Tour Eiffel and walk the short distance to the tower.

Amazing views of Paris from the top level. Anyone begging or trying to sell you anything at the bottom of the tower is probably an illegal immigrant, just be prepared for a little hassling from these people - but they run away when the cops come. Also there is long lines to get up the tower in summer.

France - Paris - Eiffel Tower -
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Date: 08th December 2005

France - Paris - Eiffel Tower - France - Paris - Eiffel Tower - France - Paris - Eiffel Tower -
Posted by: Nicole
Date: Sunday, 24th November 2002 06:12 PM
I think that if you want to get a better view of Paris - try the Arc de Triumphe! It's not as expensive, and it's not as high, so therefore you can actually make out the things you are seeing - rather than squinting into the distance!
Anonymous Post
Date: Monday, 06th January 2003 03:45 PM
The Sacre Coeur in Montmartre also offers great views of Paris. It's free to enter too.
Posted by: Mrs Withers
Date: Wednesday, 09th April 2003 03:47 PM
Be warned when buying things from the Eiffel Tower. The prices get higher, the higher up you are!!
Posted by: ck: no one you know
Date: Tuesday, 12th December 2006 02:23 AM
hi!!! I am doing a project for school. I just wanted to say I hope I have fun and so do you, if either of us do end up going there. See ya, 4 now at least!!!!!
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