United States of America - Hawaii
Go to Kauaii - the most beautiful place on earth - norther..
If you want to see what this marvellous place looks like, take a look at the old "South Pacific"; "Magnum PI"; "The Thorn Birds", and "Jurassic Park", which was being filmed there at the same time I visited.Only 50,000 population. No high-rises. Green, green, green. Best to rent a car, but I hired a guide to take me around. Just him, just me, easy-going, looking at a stormy sea. He told me a hurricane was coming, because he hadn't seen anything like it in ....
United States of America - Hawaii
Hanauma Bay
This bay was declared a protected marine life conservation area and underwater park in 1967. This is a fantastic beach area if you are new to Scuba diving or snorkeling with a diversified population of fish and a rich coral reef. The bay floor is the crater of a volcano that opened up to the ocean when the exterior wall collapsed.
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United States of America - Hawaii
Arizona Memorial, Pearl Harbour
This is the memorial to the boats that was bombed by the Japanese in WW2. Very well run tour and there is a short movie all about the day of the bombing and then you are taken out to the memorial by boat and you have about 10 minutes there to read and see the remains of the war ship. The sailors are still aboard her as there was no way to get them out. You need to get there early and there is quite a wait. You can either get here on your own by public bus or take one of the many tours from Wa....
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