Go to Kauaii - the most beautiful place on earth - northernmost of the Hawaiian islands.
Posted by maggie Negodaeff - maggien[at]magma dot ca
Country: United States of America
Region: Hawaii
Website: just search Kauaii Tourism
Date: 09th June 2008
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Location: From Canada, fly to Vancouver and spend the night near the airport - there's a
Delta there. Then fly to Kauaii either via Honolulu, or straight to the island itself.

If you want to see what this marvellous place looks like, take a look at the old "South Pacific"; "Magnum PI"; "The Thorn Birds", and "Jurassic Park", which was being filmed there at the same time I visited.
Only 50,000 population. No high-rises. Green, green, green. Best to rent a car, but I hired a guide to take me around. Just him, just me, easy-going, looking at a stormy sea. He told me a hurricane was coming, because he hadn't seen anything like it in 10 years (K is not known for hurricanes). I took all the money I had out of a bank machine. Yay! The next day nothing worked!
This is not to tell you that hurricanes visit the Hawaiian islands very often - in fact the opposite is true. This was a fluke - had a wonderful time in high school where we sheltered, and found my luggage DRY!! Honolulu and mainland sent great huge airplanes with water - that and air-con was the only thing we really missed. Kauai and Iceland are both examples of the beginning of the world - geographically. K is much warmer and much more beautiful! (Mind you, if you want it all, go to New Zealand - but they have cities, and all the ghastly stuff that goes with them.)

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