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Australia - Western Australia
Cape Range NP
Beatifull white beaches,fantastic for snorkelling,don't miss the Terquise bay.You'll see many fishes,corals,sharks and turtles! Filip
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Australia - Victoria
High Country
The Victorian High Country provides most spectacular scenery in Australia. It is both close and remote. Many of the sites are inaccessible in winter when snow closes the roads but this it the time the skiers love. When the tracks open it has the best 4Wdriving. Must see's: Lake Cobbler, King River, Craigs Hut (the Man From Snowy River Hut), Lovick's Hut, Howitt High plains, Wonnangatta Valley, Historic Grant, Pinnacle Lookout. As well as Trout fishing in remote streams
Australia - Western Australia
West Coast
Most people who travel Australia seem to miss out the best bit - the west! Only here do you see the true Australia with beautiful natural formations, great reef, true barren outback and also where you find the most aboriginal history - go, go, go - its the best thing I ever did!
Australia - Northern Territory
Alice Springs
Alice Springs is the best place to winter. The sun shines gloriously all day and while it is cold at night it is a dry cold - quite invigorating. But the best thing about the Alice is the opportunity to work. There are loads of jobs here and the rate of pay is very good. Excellent if you are from NZ as no work permit is required. Go Kiwis.
Australia - Queensland
Fraser Island
Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world (120km long covering an area of 166,036 ha). Fraser Island can only be seen by 4 wheel drive vehicles and you should allow at least 2 days to view the island. Rainbow Beach also offers magnificent rainbow coloured sand cliffs with 74 differens shades of sand (Aboriginal Sacred Site). Go paragliding, Sky diving, Scuba diving with reef fish at wolf rock, view crystal clear fresh water lakes.
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Australia - South Australia
Mount Gambier
Well travelled Aussies will know Mount Gambier as the perfect overnight stop when driving or bussing between Adelaide and Melbourne. This small country town (pop 30,000) is nestled around an extinct volcano containing the famous Blue Lake, which turns a brilliant azure blue 6 months of the year. You can join the scientists in theorising why this happens as you walk around the 3km rim. The more energetic will enjoy the scenic 6-7km walk around the entire volcano crater, which contains a....
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Australia - South Australia
Warrawong Sanctuary
A wildlife sanctuary, on what was once a run-down dairy farm. Now houses 100,000 native trees and shrubs, lakes and water courses, a rainforest, as well as kangaroo, wallaby, platypus and possum and countless birds and butterflies, all enclosed in a vermon-proof environment. Each day at dawn and dusk, visitors are taken on a 90 minute guided walk. Also has ensuite tents on site for those who want to stay and experience both ends of the day.
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Australia - Queensland
Chenrezig Institute for Buddhist Study and Retreat
Chenrezig was established in the early 70s with the philosophy of creating a place where young westerners could study the profundities of Tibetan Buddhism in their own language. Although Chenrezig is of interest for it`s colourful and ornate Tibetan fixtures, such as the Gompas (Tibetan for "place of meditation"), Prayer Wheels, and the Stupa (symbolic sculpture), it`s no Tibetan theme park. Its unique provision of informal yet authentic teaching has attracted students and teacher....
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Australia - Northern Territory
Outback, there is more to Australia than the East Coast
G'day, it's such a pity that most visitors to Australia only ever see the coastal cities, Great Barrier Reef and Ayers Rock. There is so much more to experience. Take a look at this trip report, as written by the participants on an East-West Crossing of the continent: Enjoy, Mike
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Australia - Queensland
surfers paradise
many clubs full of ozzy women who just love british guys, pulling is easy!!
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