Penguin Travel - Agency to avoid!!!
Anonymous Post
Country: Bulgaria
Region: All
Cost: 50EUR/day
Date: 22nd September 2007
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Location: All the following sites are actually the same Penguin Travel with several well
hyped-up names:,,,,,,,,

We dealt with Penguin Travel and very sorry about that. Only negative recommendations. Those guys are lazy, unfriendly and try to keep every penny for themselves instead of satisfaction by reasonable profit. It means that you’ll get the cheapest available service (if any!) regardless of the quality standard or money you paid. They invest to ads and PR only and provide very nasty service.

Anonymous Post
Date: Monday, 05th November 2007 05:00 PM
Obviously this is insinuation. You can write the same for any other company - BMW, Mercedes etc. Poor you :) Try harder next time, maybe better paid by their competitors :))))) I don't really know why the moderators allow such unproved attack against companies without trying to push harder for proves before that... It is a pitty as the website seems good.
Anonymous Post
Date: Monday, 12th May 2008 02:55 PM
I used their services last year - great experience, i tried their self-guided tour in Rodopi Mountains and have recommended them (and especially this trip) to several friends of mine. Correct guys, extremely warm and hospitable accommodations everywhere along the route, completely satisfied. Everywhere else the same would have cost at least twice more...
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