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Country: Ukraine
Region: all
Date: 12th January 2003
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when traveling by train in the ukraine is is well worth it to take the faster trains in the routes as they are not only faster but nicer as some of the slow trains are very old and bathrooms can be closed on some(due to no holding tanks) runs when stoping at small towns and the slow trains stop at a lot of small towns one thing is very cool way to travel as it easy to make a lot of new friends but some russan lang skills does help here but with out any i was befriended on all of my train trips and often shared food and bevarage (yes bring some food with you as there is not much aval on some routes

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Date: Monday, 09th July 2007 03:39 PM
I definitely agree with the previous post in regards to bringing food on the train. If you're traveling on the overnight train (like I did from Kiev to Kharkiv- 6 hours), make sure you pack a pillow, blanket, and hygeine supplies. The pillow and blankets on the train are disgusting! Also, make sure you use the restroom before you get on the trains, as the restrooms are virtually impossible to use, not to mention tiny!
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