Posted by Tina
Country: New Zealand
Region: Coromandel
Date: 14th November 2005
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Location: This is a beautiful region along the beaches of the East Coast about 2 hours south of Auckland.

It has lots of small, friendlym surfy towns dotted all the way up. Whangamata is lovely and goes off during summer. A little drive up north and you came to Hot Water Beach, you can actually dig a hole in the sand and the water is hot! Dont miss out the Coromandel, its worth it.

Posted by: janis - raven_crow_wolf[at]yahoo dot com
Date: Saturday, 12th March 2005 07:15 AM
i want to know what the cost of transportation may be if i take public transport in auckland nz? i am flying there in october. i am making up my own itenerary and i want to figure the cost of transportation in my budget. i do not plan on driving while i'm there.
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