Cray Pot, Jacksons Bay
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Country: New Zealand
Region: West Coast
Cost: $8
Date: 14th November 2005
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Location: 40km from Haast, South Westland

Jacksons Bay is a very small bay at the end of the road in glorious South Westland. You should spend at least a day here discovering the many walks and nature delights. A must is stopping at the 'Cray Pot' for your evening meal and order the 'Fisherman's Basket', white fish and shellfish - enjoyed even more with the setting sun and the glow of the snow-capped mountains turning pink.

Anonymous Post
Date: Tuesday, 20th August 2002 07:23 PM
What about the sandflies? They can suck a pint of blood in under 60 seconds!
Posted by: Cindy
Date: Thursday, 03rd October 2002 03:08 AM
I was just there last week and the restaurant wasn't all that great. I had salmon that was suppose to served hot/warm but it hit my table cold. When asked why, the assistant manager responded "our microwave oven seemed to have some problems".

Seafood served in that restaurant come from the Nelson area frozen, as I learned later.

The service at the restaurant was not too bad, however.

The menu is a bit limited and the price isn't all that 'cheap'.
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