Milford boat trips
Posted by Nicki Judson - n dot judson[at]botn dot canterbury dot ac dot nz
Country: New Zealand
Region: Fiordland
Cost: NZ$54
Date: 14th November 2005
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Location: Either take an organised day tour on a bus from Te Anau, or take your own car (or rented). The one way trip is under two hours, allow extra time in summer.

At the end of the road is Milford and the wonderful Milford Sound (a fiord). The approach there is via one of the most scenic road trips in the world. Once out of the Homer Tunnel, you can almost believe that you are in Wonderland. Lots of trickling waterfalls spill over rockfaces and mist galore. The boat trips are numerous and a good one to go on to avoid all the "bus tours" is the smaller 60-person trip. As I just went this winter, there were around 25 of us which made it a pleasurable outing. It cost us $54 for the 2 hr and 10 min trip. Good advice would be to take a waterproof long jacket, hat and gloves and lots of film. A truly wonderful trip. Best taken in winter and especially after stormy weather to get the best of the waterfalls. We spotted only three tour buses, but they say in the summer there could be up to 80. Milford is well worth the visit, five star

Posted by: Jack Hydes
Date: Thursday, 03rd October 2002 03:17 AM
My wife and I took the Red Boat out from Milford sound on a rainny day. It was beautiful but it's not what it's been hyped up to be. The boat ride was about 40 minutes and the weather + the large amount of tourists made it less enjoyable.

The drive from Te Anau was, however, particularly nice. If you miss the boat ride, the drive to Milford Sound still worth the effort. The tunnel (only one) from Te Anau to Milford Sound is very narrow and dark. Some segments of the road are very narrow and have lots of sharp curves (20 Km/h speed limit). If you get stuck behind a tour bus, expect sniffying lots of diesel fumes.

Other than that, the Sound is definitely a spot not to miss.
Anonymous Post
Date: Friday, 17th January 2003 12:16 AM
Totally Agree! I had a brillant time in Milford but thought the boat trip was a little expensive. The drive in from Te Anau has to be the most spectacular roads in the counrty by a long way.
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