Portugal - Leiria
Nazaré is an old fishing village. In the old days, before the new harbour wasbuilt, the fishing boats were pulled on to the beach by oxen. When I was therethe fisherman's wives were still wearing the traditional dress; a black kerchiefand the seven flannel skirts.Along the foreshore you will find shops, cafes and restaurants. There is also anmarket selling fresh fish, fruit and veges. It's in the middle of town andshouldn't be to hard to find. I think it's open most days too.
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Portugal - Leiria
It's a completely walled town with the old castle at the top serving as a pousada.Further down the street are the village stocks and there are two fine gates.Near the main gate there's an aqueduct. Behind the pousada its easy enough toget up to the wall and enjoy the view. The street are lined with gift shops,galleries and cafes.
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