Avoid Gili Air - Lucky's Bungalows
Posted by Chris
Country: Indonesia
Region: Nusa Tenggara Barat
Cost: $10
Date: 08th March 2010
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Location: South, southwest of Gili Air

I've been there with a my friend. The meals were nice, eventhough a bit pricy.
The view was ok, like almost everywhere on Air.
But please don't go there. A cidomo driver was very rude and wanted to get some
money I guess. Another rude person was 'Jimmy 2000' (he introduced himself like
that) who first offered (in a pushy way) some boat tours and after hesitating a
bit he approached us later on and was really mad. He shouted at us and used
several dirty words - just because we didn't want to buy his boat tour or all
the other services he offered.

Getting up the next morning, my shirt was stolen from the veranda which I put
there for drying the evening before.

I really recommend you to walk a bit further. The area is nice and 5 or 10
minutes walk later, there are other opportunities.
Just avoid Lucky's Bungalows!

Sorry to say that - but that was not acceptable!

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