Volunteer Primary School Teaching
Posted by Arnon - info[at]realexperiencethailand dot com
Country: Thailand
Region: Chon Buri
Cost: 480 Euro for First two weeks
Website: www.realexperiencethailand.com
Date: 13th October 2009
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Location: Sriracha, located about 1.5 hours East of Bangkok

This project is designed to give volunteers the opportunity to help out directly in a community. This two week to three month long program will allow the volunteer to teach English in a small primary school, as well as work on a variety of different development or building projects. You will have an opportunity to experience and learn about thai cooking and to work on a development building Activities.

The children need help finding fluent English speakers so that they may have the opportunity to learn in the best way possible. The curriculum is very open ended and as it does not require certification, the volunteer has a great deal of flexibility in devising lesson plans. The children’s education, particularly in English, will give them a great deal more opportunities in the future to better their circumstances, and they are always excited to have new foreign teachers, which gives them good opportunities for future jobs.

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