Walking on Lanzarote
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Country: Spain
Region: Canarias (Canary Islands)
Cost: From €25 per guided walk
Website: www.lanzaroteguidebook.com
Date: 05th June 2007
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Location: Lanzarote - Valley of 1000 Palms

Lanzarote is often regarded as just a bucket and spade location. But the unique volcanic landscapes of the island form and year round clemenet climate form a breathtaking backdrop for many outdoor pursuits, such as walking.

Head for the Valley of 1000 palms in the north of the island on a guided walk and explore some of the hidden beauty of Lanzarote.

Spain - Canarias (Canary Islands) - Walking on Lanzarote -
Anonymous Post
Date: 15th June 2007

Spain - Canarias (Canary Islands) - Walking on Lanzarote -
Posted by: Thorleif Birkhaug(Norway) - birkhaug[at]online dot no
Date: Thursday, 22nd November 2007 09:35 AM
Please send me details of your walks.I am planning to come to Lanzarote in January and stay at Puerta del Carmen.
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