Kyoto City
Posted by Lorraine - cornishirwin[at]hotmail dot com
Country: Japan
Region: Kyoto
Date: 14th February 2007
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Location: South of Tokyo. Go by train.

Kyoto was Japan's capital and the emperor's residence until 1868. See the old palace, temples, shrines and Nijo Castle the one time residence of the famous Tokugawa shogun (did you see the movie?) I hadn't booked accommodation so just walked around checking the traditional Japanese hotels called Ryokans. Fun to visit and cheaper than the western style hotels. Find a half day or full day bus tour from the train station and go see this great city. As a woman of 60 on my own, I felt so safe and cared for. Upon my return to Tokyo my Japanese hostess was asking all sorts of questions about my adventure.

Japan - Kyoto - Kyoto City - Palace gardens.
Anonymous Post
Date: 14th February 2007
Palace gardens.
Japan - Kyoto - Kyoto City - Palace gardens.
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