Best exprince in turkey
Posted by sharon - sharon2282[at]lycos dot com
Country: Turkey
Region: Denizli
Cost: 20$
Date: 28th January 2007
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Location: pamuk mh hasan thasin cd no:16 20280 pamukkale/turkey

We had a fantastic few days here, despite the weather because the owners here took the trouble to take us to see the many different cultural sites and places to visit in this area. Most people come here for just the calcium pools, but we were lucky enough to be travelling in the low season, so the owner had extra time to take us to local mud baths and to a lovely little villiage just above the Pamukkale area where we ate delicious home made Turkish pancakes, drank tea, and learnt all about carpets, from the people who actually make them, not just a shop or a dealer , like so many other places in Turkey. We also had the time to visit Aphrodisias and Laodikya, to complete a very satisfying and interesting stay in Pamukkale. Thankyou very much to Abraham and his family for all the extra tour guiding and of course, his Mum for her wonderful food

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