Barcelona weekend at Barcelona apartments by LC
Posted by tas - tasconfucio[at]yahoo dot com
Country: Spain
Region: Cataluna
Cost: 70 euros per studio
Date: 10th January 2007
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Location: These apartments are located on Pelai street number 5 . Right in the middle of the shopping
district and next to the ramblas. A very strategic point to start the daily adventure of hovering
around with the wife and kids.

We came to Barcelona as a family and were in desperate need of a affordable quality place to stay. These LC apartments are really cool. The staff was very helpful. They are a bit small as they are studios but fully equipped.

Posted by: F. KHLISSA - khlissa yahoo dot com
Date: Thursday, 19th July 2007 01:49 PM
Hello. Is the 70 eurs are for all the weekend or just for one night.
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