Mont Saint Michel
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Country: France
Region: Basse-Normandie
Cost: Free entrance, parking is additional
Date: 19th December 2005
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Location: 60 km East of St-Malo

Mont Saint Michel is a rocky, cone-shaped islet in northwestern France in the
Gulf of Saint-Malo. It is connected by a causeway to the mainland. The entire
islet is crowned by the abbey church that dates back to the early eighth
century. There are shops and cafes along the streets as you walk up the hill.
Most selling souvenirs etc.

Unless you are traveling in off season you will be part of a steady stream of
traffic arriving daily. The causeway leads out to the Mont and parking lots
below on either side of the causeway. When the tides come in these parking lots
will be completely submerged. Announcements are made to make sure you leave in
plenty of time.

There are also walking tours from the mainland. I don't think you are allowed to
walk outside a tour due to quicksand.

France - Basse-Normandie - Mont Saint Michel -
Anonymous Post
Date: 19th December 2005

France - Basse-Normandie - Mont Saint Michel -
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