Posted by Eun
Country: France
Region: Paris
Date: 16th June 2003
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Location: the northern side of Paris take the subway to Pigalle

Montmartre is very famous by Moulin Rouge. Here you can visit :
- Moulin Rouge : this is the old bar which is very famous for Franch Cancan.
- la Basilique de Sacre-coeur : when the French faced at the danger at the beginning of 20th centry, they built this magnifique cathedral to free from all the dangers. Here is the cathedral when Amelie give the album to Nino in the movie Amelie. you can go up by Funeculaire(you can also use the metro ticket)
- The museum of Gustave Moreau : If you dive in the 19th symbolist art, you must not miss this atelier. This museum is made up 3 floors: first is his appartement, second, large room for his big paintings, the last floor his dessins, sketches and some paintings. When I was in this museum, I felt as if I was in 19th century's house. It's a little place to have the impressions about his painting. Metro: St Georges mon- wed. 11- 17: 15 thu - sun 10 - 12:45, 14- 17: 15

France - Paris - Monmartre -
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Date: 08th December 2005

France - Paris - Monmartre - France - Paris - Monmartre - France - Paris - Monmartre -
Posted by: ilen - harleniy[at]yahoo dot com
Date: Thursday, 25th March 2010 06:06 AM
Such beautiful place, i must see this place someday.....
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