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Country: Turkey
Region: Anatolia
Cost: ? (Mine was included in a tour)
Date: 18th February 2003
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Location: It is near Selcuk. It is between the cites of Aydin and Izmir, about 6km from the Aegean. It takes about an hour by taxi from Izmir, (74km). Buses run there regularly.

Ephesus is the most intact/restored archealogy city in the world. You can see ancient marble columns, arches, houses, temples, streets, bath houses, theatres, the brothel and the infamous 2 story all marble library. The beauty and size of these structures are sure to take your breath away. Also within 10km of Ephesus is the House of the Virgin Mary, the temple of Artemis, (one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world), and the Church of St. John.

Turkey - Anatolia - Ephesus -
Anonymous Post
Date: 08th December 2005

Turkey - Anatolia - Ephesus - Turkey - Anatolia - Ephesus -
Anonymous Post
Date: Tuesday, 18th February 2003 11:15 PM
I loved it here, we spent the day just strolling about, it was full of tourists but we had a lot of fun and took our time as to not miss anything. We got caught out, someone took us to the top and then expected us to buy a carpet. We went to the shop and just never got out of the car. We then drove off and all was ok, this was one of the only sharks we meet there. Just watch for the invisable red lights in Selcuk and the cops that pull you over and ticket you for the red lights, then you will learn fast how to bribe.
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