Vallee de la LOIRE a collection of old castles
Posted by Pal - larguet[at]libertysurf dot fr
Country: France
Region: Loire
Cost: very cheap expect 30dollars/night for 1 hotel room
Date: 11th July 2002
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Location: South of Paris for less than 1 hour by train or by car. Orleans city is a nice place to visit all this area

From Orleans you can visit the beautiful Loire river where all kings of France created their castle. Big one as Chambord and a lot of more are very concentrated in this area. You can also find nice little village with little boulangerie and lot of other old french stuff. I am living in orleans do not hesitate to write to me for more help about this nice region where you can find the best old maded bred and the sweet french cheese and pretty good saucisson. South of orleans you can also find the Sologne forest where you can go for pique nique (outside french lunch) and eat all those speciality you bought in a little village before....

Anonymous Post
Date: Thursday, 25th May 2006 12:19 AM
What recipes or foods is Vallee de la Loire known for?
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