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Djemaa el Fna square one of the most pulsating spaces on planet Earth. Snake charmers, spice sellers, everything colourful you'd expect in Morocco. Night-time food stalls. The Souks remarkable maze of market stalls. You might as well hire a shopping guide. They're mostly helpful but beware their cousins shops you'll be taken to. But fine for general guidance and knowing where you are ! Berber medicine shop. Moroccan carpets explained. The amazing sounds of the metal souk and also leather, woodwo....
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We returned from our holiday last Wednesday and I just wanted to say a big thank for organising our tours in morocco last week and to put this tour for the travelers helping.I must say we were very impressed with morocco overall. and will definitely be coming back. When we do, we will not hesitate in using moroccanlegend wonderful service again.I would also like to say what a great guide Moha was for us last week. I filled in the feed back form but I would like to reiterate that he was excellent....
Morocco - falls entirely within Wester..
as everyone knows out into the dunes is the thing
My first trip back into the desert with my best friend instead of 'my man' - which was rather momentous but very special - after all the visits gradually from tourist to almost 'local' i was going out on an overnight camel trip for the first time!I had done the sunris by camel as a tourist and i have had excellent camps overnight in the desert but this was excellent - it was dark when we set off on our camels so we were totally under the stars then the moon came up half way through the trip!!i w....
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