Honduras - Bay Islands, Honduras
Private, upscale villas for sale or vacation rentals, right on the ocean with diving, snorkeling, kayaking, dining and beach. Near the Roatan Airport and night life. A vacation Paradise trust me.
Honduras - Honduras
Cruisesip Day
If you are on a cruise that stops in Roatan, be sure to check these guys out. Alot cheaper than most day tours and great value, great food and great fun.
Honduras - Honduras
Copan Ruinas Park
One of the higlights of the Mayan World is Copan Ruins. The ruins park is well restored and informative guided tours are ran by local guides. The highlights of the park are the massive detailed hand craved steles and the hieroglyphic stairway which is the new worlds longest inscribed text. The park is also home to a sculpture museum which house a replica of the Rosalila temple this replica really does give you a great idea (bright colours and all) of what these temples would of looked like....
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