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France - France, small village betwee..
Beutiful place, great for camping, hiking and rockclimbing..
Small villiage with a very small harbour full of sailing boats, surrounded by cliff faced ocean. The village is about 3 kms from the train station. There is one youth hostel (that I know of) up on the cliffs overlooking the sea, about 3 km out of the villiage. As far as I know there is no transport to the hostel, I and others walked the 3km, (uphill all the way!!)So take groceries with you!! (Not too much, you;l hate the walk, but appriciate it afterwards!!) Of course it is also possible to....
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France - Paris
Bastille Market - Paris
This is a fanastic market, this sells all sorts of food - meat, cheese, vegetables, fish, and basically anything french.
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