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Cape Verde - FOGO Island Cape Verde
FOGO Vulcano - trekking
tour FOGO island, take your time to do trekking, eat good food, talk to people. All in Sao Felipe FOOD: Le Bistrot (they can help you organize your stay) SEAFOOD (really nice seafood - unexpensive) SLEEP: Pensao Bellavista near the vulcano ask some local family to sleep in they house or try the beautifull new hotel run by a french expat.
Cape Verde - Cape Verde
moving around in Santiago island
the only way to get around without loosing to much time in Santiago is renting a car. The location is not worth more tan 2-3 days and other means are too complicated and slow being for locals. you would not miss the wonderful little villages nor the best beach. The best car rental in Santiago is Alucar west of town.
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