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Australia - New South Wales
Western Plain Zoo
Australias best (and Most Humane) Zoo ! See a huge variety of Animals, in a beautiful uncaged setting. A small pair of binoculars are handy as the animals are given a good space to roam in. Be sure to wear your best safari suit ! Hire a bicycle, golf cart or simply drive your own car around the large zoo.
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Australia - Queensland
Goodnight Scrub National Park
Secluded natural eucalypt forest bush camping ground. Nice river, fishing, retreat to drink a couple of brews. You won't be bugged my many others. Camping is essential
Australia - Tasmania
Wild scenery
Superb scenery and wilderness awaits the adventurous traveller in this beautiful island. Visit to see a collection of fine images of this magic destination.
Australia - Queensland
Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary
This is a fanastic family park with all sorts of Aussie wildlife. There is plenty of Koala to look at and you can even hold on if you want, there is also a large area with Kangaroo's. When I was there there was plenty of Joeys in their pouches and you could even touch mum and baby. You need at least half a day here and there is even picnic spots provided. EVen got to see a Tasmanian Devil, Wombat and also dingoes.
Australia - Queensland
Fraser Ireland
Fraser Island is a sand island that is mostly covered in tropical forest and has a number of fresh water lakes and streams that make great swimming. It's unfortantly dangerous to swim in the sea. The bus tours are very well run and include everything you could need.
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Australia - Queensland
Springbrook. Gold Coast
A wonderful drive, you can take the many roads or walks. There is a large beautiful waterfall that you can walk down and under and then back up the valley. There is some nice cafes along the various roads. If you are lucky enough you can even see the odd Wallaby jumping by, also many tropical birds to feed along the way.
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