Fernando de Noronha
Posted by tony robson - anthony dot robson[at]gmail dot com
Country: Brazil
Region: Pernambuco
Cost: to stay - from £50 per night. Tours from £20
Website: recifeguide.wordpress.com
Date: 21st December 2009
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Location: 340km from the mainland coast of North East Brazil

Brazils Paradise Island. Many species of flora and fauna and of course its crystal clear waters are home to some 230 varieties of fish, 5 types of shark, 2 species of sea turtles,15 coral reefs and, unique to here and the South Pacific, the Spinner Dolphin. Scuba Diving, Snorkelling, Deep Sea Fishing, Surfing, Biking, Walking etc.
Great Place for Romantic getaways or adventure seekers. Most amazing beaches and sunsets. MUST DO A snorkel dive in the rock pool - like putting your head in a tropical fish tank.
Book accommodation and tours at the website below - a great source of information on Recife and beyond

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