as everyone knows out into the dunes is the thing
Posted by Mike80 - nkk[at]hotmail dot fr
Country: Morocco
Region: falls entirely within Western Sahara
Cost: not exactly
Date: 31st December 2008
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Location: Morrocan Desert "Sahara ,Dunes"

My first trip back into the desert with my best friend instead of 'my man' - which was rather momentous but very special - after all the visits gradually from tourist to almost 'local' i was going out on an overnight camel trip for the first time!
I had done the sunris by camel as a tourist and i have had excellent camps overnight in the desert but this was excellent - it was dark when we set off on our camels so we were totally under the stars then the moon came up half way through the trip!!

i was being aided and escorted with family/ex-family member so its different to setting off as a tourist into unknown but we also were going out just after Merzouga and locality had been seriously flooded - ERGSAFARIS where i had been for coffee one year before was almost demolished but they still have their camels and staff etc so we were glad to provide some income for them and also have an excellent visit out to an oasis 1-1 1/4 hour by camel away and then excellent daylight views coming back the next morning.

And we had the most glorious full moon of all nights to turn up for an overnight trip. We had good company with good tagine and tea as was breakfast before setting back the next morning.
No doubt all much quieter than if most of the auberges in the locality werent busy with their clean up operations and decreased patronage.

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