Wildlife in the Amazon and the Pantanal in Brazil
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Country: Brazil
Region: Amazonas
Website: www.braziltravelinformation.com
Date: 17th March 2007
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Location: The two greatest eco-systems in South America can be a part of a great visit to
Brazil and this part of the world.

The Amazon is the largest tropical rainforest in the world and is home to nearly one-third of the world’s species and a fourth of the earth’s fresh water. For the nature enthusiast, the Amazon is a must-see during a trip to Brazil. Enjoy unforgettable days spotting alligators, walking through the jungle, swimming with the dolphins, or just relaxing from the safe distance of an idyllic river cruise.

Situated in West Brazil, the Pantanal is the largest wetland in the world, covering an area about the size of France. Although it is often overshadowed by the mystery and lure of the Amazon Rainforest, the Pantanal is also an excellent place for wildlife spotting. There are several exciting ways to explore this vast area. The most popular are trekking, horseback riding, and boat trips.
Many flights are offered from Sao Paulo to Cuibana in Southern Patanal, which is the more popular route, since the south is completely untouched. Nearby is the Chipada do Guimaraes, which offers beautiful views on the many hiking trails.
The city of Manuas is the main starting off point for trips into the Amazon Rainforest and can be reached by plane from Sao Paulo and Rio. Many eco-
tourism trips are offered, which usually provide a jungle guide, accommodations, and other activities.

Although both the Pantanal and the Amazon Rainforest harbor two of the most diverse eco-systems on the planet, they are very different. The Pantanal is a flat, open landscape with gently sloping and winding rivers while the Amazon is a dense jungle filled with a thick tangle of trees and vegetation.
The wildlife is different as well. In the Pantanal you may find giant otters, march deer capbara, and many endangered birds, including the anhinga, great egret, jabiru, wood stork, and the spoonbill. The Amazon is home to the black-girdled barget, Hardy’s pygmy-owl, Rufous-necked puffbirds, short-billed leaftossers, pavonine quetzals, and hundreds more that are threatened or endangered.

The wild, thick jungle of the Amazon, and the lush swamplands and winding rivers of the Pantanal are two of the most important eco-systems on the planet and contain the most diverse amount of animals and plants. A visit to Brazil is made complete with a trip to these unique and wild terrains.

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