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Tailors - Nguyet Thu - Do not go there!
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Country: Vietnam
Region: Hoi An, Vietnam
Date: 08th May 2006
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Location: 156 Tran Phu Street

I had the most negative experience at Nguyet Thu. After searching the web for recommendations for tailors in Hoi An, I decided to try to have some of my clothes made at this shop. Clearly some of the positive recommendations on the web have gone to the head of the owners of this store. The head sales girl/manager was extremely rude and unprofessional during the course of my dealings with her- yet took great pride that I had discovered her shop on the web. Unfortunately since I gave a deposit of 50% on the clothing that I ordered, I was stuck dealing with her for the entire time.
One of the items that I had requested to be made was a dress which was supposed to be lined. After four days of alterations (during the course of which I was advised that lining would be added after all the alterations were completed), I was told on my last day that the tailors could not add the lining. (They also had failed to finish all of the alterations on my dress). Upon closer inspection, I also noticed that the stitching on the seams was very loose and came apart easily (you could see my skin in certain places). When I pointed out this fault to the manager, I was told that this is \"normal\" and this is how the seams are on all of their garmets! Needless to say I did not end up purchasing the dress.

As for the other items I had made, they seem to be holding up; however, the prices at Nguyet Thu are only marginally less expensive than those of Yaly and Thu Thuy where I also had a number of garmets made and which are of better quality.
Bottom line, if you want quality and proper customer service opt for a different shop than Nguyet Thu.

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