Fraser Island
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Country: Australia
Region: Queensland
Cost: Varies
Date: 26th May 2003
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Location: Fraser Island can be reached by Vehicle Barge from Rainbow beach (A 10 Minute trip). Rainbow Beach is 3 hours north of Brisbane by car.

Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world (120km long covering an area of 166,036 ha). Fraser Island can only be seen by 4 wheel drive vehicles and you should allow at least 2 days to view the island. Rainbow Beach also offers magnificent rainbow coloured sand cliffs with 74 differens shades of sand (Aboriginal Sacred Site). Go paragliding, Sky diving, Scuba diving with reef fish at wolf rock, view crystal clear fresh water lakes.

Australia - Queensland - Fraser Island -
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Date: 06th March 2006

Australia - Queensland - Fraser Island - Australia - Queensland - Fraser Island - Australia - Queensland - Fraser Island - View from Indian Head
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Date: Monday, 30th April 2012 01:10 AM
i love fraser island soooooooooooo pretty
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