Soekershof Walkabout
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Country: South Africa
Region: Western Cape
Cost: 40.00 Rand for a guided tour
Date: 20th June 2003
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Location: From Cape town International airport: Follow N1 towards Worcester/Paarl. Second traffic lights in worcester turn right towards Robertson/R60. Keep on following the 'R60/Robertson'-sign. Eight kilometers pass Robertson turn left into Klaas Voogds West. After 1 kilometer the second farm on the right (entrance with 2 elephants

Soekershof Walkabout houses a.o. a unique succulent garden with more than 1500 different succulents and cacti in the unprotected open air and THE largest hedge-maze (13870 sqm net-surface) in the world. This Klaas Voogds Maze is the Maze the THE aMAZing stories. Find out about the fabulous aboriginal Goody Windy, our own Hendrik Geduld, Lazy old MacDonald from McGregor in Scotland and also the Observatorium of the South African Country Women

South Africa - Western Cape - Soekershof Walkabout - Anno 2006/2007: more than 2400 different succulents from all continents under 
the open sky. This collection will grow to about 4000 in 2010.
Posted by Herman & Yvonne - soekershof[at]lando dot co dot za
Date: 10th January 2007
Anno 2006/2007: more than 2400 different succulents from all continents under the open sky. This collection will grow to about 4000 in 2010.
South Africa - Western Cape - Soekershof Walkabout - Anno 2006/2007: more than 2400 different succulents from all continents under 
the open sky. This collection will grow to about 4000 in 2010.
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Date: Saturday, 04th February 2006 11:05 AM
We are happy!!! Since last week Soekershof Walkabout is the 17th tourism business in South Africa with the Trademark of Fair Trade in Tourism in South Africa (FTTSA This accreditation is for us the recognition that Soekershof Walkabout is really committed to: fair wages, working conditions and operations, ethical business pratice, positive contribution to local economic development, respect for human rights, culture and environment. But still we intend to improve; a garden has to grow and this garden we are not going to survive. This garden will grow into the future with, a.o., trees which will mature in a few thousand years; ever changing stories and for the moment also the most beautiful legs in the world representing the New South Africa. Yes, Soekershof Walkabout is a 'primary unusual destination' with an unusual approach of Life. Therefor this 'weird but passionate' introduction of which we hope it will inspire you to experience and inspire other people to do the same. Soekershof Walkabout is a very personal enterprise with very individual experiences (just see the 'love- letters' on our website). Below you will find a brief description of what is going on and added with all the patty details on our website you'll get confused. Or as one of our visitors stated a few weeks ago: "Soekershof is crazy but with knowledge". We are curious about your experience. Enjoy Life, Herman van Bon, Yvonne de Wit and dedicated Staff (Maart, Dawid & Karel) Going 'Off-beat' For the broad-minded personalities always in search for the unusual there is Soekershof Walkabout in Klaas Voogds West between Robertson and Ashton. 'Weird but Passionate' hosts; great stories; a wealth of plantlife; the worlds' largest hedge-maze; time-travel with Albert Einstein; a stone-age cinema; the New South African Handshake; philosophers garden and, of course, the highly acclaimed succulent gardens with more than 2400 different species from all over the world in the unprotected open air. Visitors can earn a memorable reward by fullfilling a quest in the Klaas Voogds Maze. This Maze is not a Maze in the traditional perception that you have to get lost but is a reflection of life; walking from one story into another which are visualised by objects, as orientating points, towering above the hedges. However there are, as in life, also a few 'stories' you will have to look for. And ........ visitors are invited to make their own stories. A visit to Soekershof is hard to describe for it is a very personal experience as can be found out in the 'love-letter' section of the Soekershof website ( The own Soekershof nursery distinguishes itself from other (specialist) nurseries by providing visitors with sufficient custumised cultivation information. Sometimes even by refusing selling a plant if, distilled from the information provided by the client, it turns out that the environmental conditions (climate, location, etc.) are not suitable. From statistics, f.e., it's known that 60 to 70 percent of the succulents including cacti sold in the Cape Town area die within months or will never prosper. In short: The place where Klaas Voogds, James Bond and Albert Einstein meet.......... And: everything you always wanted to know about sex .......... between plants but never dared to ask. A visit takes at least 1.5 to 2 hrs but you can make it as long as you want. Visitors are invited to bring their own picnic. See website for precise road directions and 'What visitors can expect'. Soekershof Walkabout Mazes and Botanical Gardens One of SA's primary unusual destinations Fair Trade in Tourism SA accredited - 2006 Klaas Voogds West, P.O. Box 291, Robertson 6705, South Africa Tel: +27 (0)23-6264134 [email protected]
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