Wat Thawet
Posted by Irish lad
Country: Thailand
Region: Sukhothai
Cost: Free
Date: 12th October 2002
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Location: not far from new Sukhothai, about 7/8 km Lotus Village hostel 170 Thanon Ratchathani, new Suk. (055- 621484) have exact details and the French and Thai owners are very friendly

This is a different kind of temple to the rest you see in Thailand. It is a series of statues that tell the story of the Ramayana and other statues from a local monks dream. Very dramatic. If this doesn't sound interesting to you, well sometimes statues aren't very interesting but these are. They were all made over a fifty year period and more are still being made as a local monk took it upon himself to fulfill his fathers work of making these statues based on a dream he had. All the statues are amazingly painstakingly handmade. The head monk is very friendly and although hard to understand will tell you everything about the place. Best of all it's free. We even got a cup of coffee of the head monk. You can give a small donation if you want but no pressure. This is for all the people who go around Thailand looking at endless different temples in different places. You can easily cycle to this one(not far out of new Suk.), you have a personal guide of a monk perhaps( I think we were just lucky he saw us looking around), nobody(well very very few people) know of this place too and it's very differnt to every other temple I saw in the country. It's more like a story from someones dream brought to life.

Posted by: Ike
Date: Monday, 06th August 2007 08:57 AM
I just went to Wat Tewet (or Wat Thewet) -- truly amazing. Heard about it at Ban Thai Guest House here in Sukhothai. I didn't understand much of what the head monk was saying either, but this is worth a few hours for anyone who's in the area, and especially if you're burnt out on ruins. Just don't let the guy pull you into the nearby school if you're not interested in seeing that too, because that can take quite a lot of time -- he's trying to find volunteers to come teach English to the local children. Some photos of Wat Tewet here, mixed in with my other travel photos: s88.photobucket.com/albums/k167/ikehull/
Posted by: Jim
Date: Sunday, 25th January 2009 09:09 AM
Just got back from there today. A really nice alternative place to vist if your all templed out in Sukhothai and fancy something different. Its my favourite place in the area so far.
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