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Perfect Place to Stay in Tulum
Posted by Tommy Huynh - Tommy[at]Lumika dot org
Country: Mexico
Region: Yucatan Peninsula
Cost: $8US
Date: 16th December 2002
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Location: Head to the Zona Hotelera and when you hit the main strip, take a left and look for the Cabanas El Mirador sign on your right side.

At this place, you can get a cozy straw hut with sand floors on the beach for $8/night hammock included. It's situated on one of the nicest beaches in the peninsula (or world for that matter). It is one of the few places that is walking distance from the Tulum ruins, and some even stay here and swim to Tulum to sneak in w/o paying the fee (not recommended). Definitely one of the best bargains in Latin America.

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