Fraser Ireland
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Country: Australia
Region: Queensland
Cost: The tours cost under $100 a day
Date: 23rd January 2003
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Location: About two hours drive north of Brisbane. There are ferries from Harvey Bay or Rainbow Beach and you can either take a 4WD accross and camp or go on a guided bus tour that includes accommodation.

Fraser Island is a sand island that is mostly covered in tropical forest and has a number of fresh water lakes and streams that make great swimming. It's unfortantly dangerous to swim in the sea. The bus tours are very well run and include everything you could need.

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Date: Wednesday, 24th April 2002 08:32 PM
Hervey Bay is actually a bit more than three hours drive north of Brisbane and by far the best place to get a good tour to Fraser Island. If you are visiting during September or October you can also go whale watching which is amazing! It is very safe to swim off the west coast of Fraser Island and in all the lakes. The surf on the east coast of the island is rough and you often spot sharks coming in to feed on schools of fish. Beware of dingos as they can be a pest due to too many tourists offering them food - do not go near them or try to feed them. There is accommodation on the island ranging from a first-class resort to cabins, as well as camping (you need to get a permit for this). Eurong and Happy Valley offer the best places to stay on a budget as well as petrol, food items and other essentials. Barges operate daily to the island if you have your own 4WD vehicle - remember it's a sand island! There are rangers on the island who can help you out plus be aware they do visit camp sites to check for permits and make sure that no damage is being done to the environment - as it is a world heritage listed island you must take your rubbish with you. I have enjoyed holidays on this island for many years and would recommend visits to Central Station and Wanggoolba Creek, Lake McKenzie, Eli Creek, Maheno ship wreck, Lake Wabby as well as the champagne pools at Indian Head - the drive up the east coast of the island is long but worth every minute. Try to go before or after school holidays because it is a popular spot for Australian families as well as tourists.
Posted by: been there done that
Date: Sunday, 13th October 2002 06:07 AM
Pick your time carefully, when we were there, it was overcrowded with campers, 4 wheel drives sea planes and tourist busses. Certainly not the "peaceful natural oasis" we were led to believe it was. They should think about banning 4 wheel drives, as they just tear up the beach and surrounding natural beauty.
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Date: Monday, 31st March 2003 03:20 AM
We were there on holiday in August 2002 with a family of 7. We took advantage of a guided 4WD bus tour, and even though we hate canned tours, I would highly recommend this for the first time; lots to learn. At this time of year it didn;t seem crowded to me at all. Definitely worth your time if looking for a rustic 2-3 day break
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